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May 15, 2011

What are the top 3 grains your turkeys like to eat?

Theres hundreds of pre mixed grain diets you can get. I find with a mash theres too much waste and my pair isnt that interested in pelleted ration. They like their corn, wheat and sunflower the best. These are allways the 1st 3 mine eat. Picking and fussing thro the rest. Atm im feeding a wild bird mixed seed, wheat and pellet homestyle mix with a dash of extra sunflower
I have heard tho too much sunflower is bad for birds.
They say too much corn can effect meat quality, not that il eat my turkeys lol
I just kinda like making up my own homestyle mixes, i love to play in the grain lol i think it stems from my previous horsie life of mixing my own feeds up for each individual horse.
Anywho . . .
Just wondering what are your turkeys top favourite grains, nuts, seeds or cereals? As id like to homestyle my own mix.
They love scratch with corn, milo ect but its like feeding candy to a kid. That's why they eat it first. I don't feed my adult turkeys anything less than 20% protien. the grains only has about 8% protien which isn't enough to make much thrive. I feed the pellets and they do knock some on the ground but I wait for them to eat what they spill before I feed again.
Mine also get vegie scraps everyday and if no scraps il throw em a handfull of frozen (thawd) mixed vegies, or free range them for a day, either way everyday they get sumthing fresh. Thankyou 4 your reply, and yes im sure i need to remember to forget to feed my turkeys every now and again lol

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