top hat with crooked neck can't stand up 6 weeks old

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    Aug 21, 2013
    I have a 6 week old top hat who's neck is bent this morning and she can't stand up on her own. Her eyes are open and she can drink if we help her. She may be having a seizure too. Is this the vitamin E and Selenium deficiency I saw posted about silkies? She was otherwise active, healthy and eating until we noticed 2 days ago she was sleeping away from the bunch, other than that, all normal, then last night she was sluggish but still getting around, this morning we found her laying down with the neck issue. Please give advise, my children love their chickens and chicks and we want to do anything we can to save her.

    We make our own chicken feed mix that varies daily, but organic rolled oats, mung beans and corn are staples and pumpkin seeds, sometimes lentils go in it too, we grind it in the Vitamix
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