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    Dec 14, 2015
    Today I will be talking about how the egg production of different types of hens and also the reason I love these hens so much and even got attached. I would go inside and My hens would peck at the door until I cam out. With food our without! :)

    For me, my top hen would be the Buff Orpington. These hens lay quite nice large brown eggs and there production is excellent. They are the most docile hen I have ever seen. I used to call her, "come here honey." "Come here chicky chickies." They would come waddling over and knew that I would have food for them. I used to cradle my Buff like a baby in my arms and she would let me do it. She's (He's) such a nice bird!

    My second would be be so closed to first almost exactly a tie between the two. The Rhide Island Red. These beautiful hens lay very great and a large beautiful brown eggs. My mine layed eggs almost every day she was great. A couple of times when I had the door open in the summertime she would come in and check out what was happening in the house! She was just as docile has my Buff. She went through so much too. She was the last one alive when all the predators took out my other hens. She had been in foot traps and went through a couple predators. She was an AWESOME chicken to have around when you want great egg layer but a pet at the same time!!

    My third would be the Speckled Sussex. She was awesome too. My birds were always friendly because I held them lot's. She would lay pretty nicely too. She layed a light colored small to medium egg. And she was never ever aggressive over her eggs either. Some chickens get aggressive over there eggs and when they are laying them, but sometimes it can be good to have some chickens that are aggressive when laying eggs because that could also mean that they are broody and will hatch more eggs for you if you have a rooster.

    I have a couple more that I could mention but I need someone to respond first before I write anymore to make sure that I didn't wriet this in vain. Thank you!
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    This is a new members Introduction thread. You may want to post on "Stories and pictures of my chickens."
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Oh, OK. I am sorry I am kind of new at this and I haven't been on here much. [​IMG]
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    No need to apologise - we have all done it (and some, including myself, continue to do so occasionally [​IMG])

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    [​IMG] Thanks.
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    Dec 14, 2015
    Hello, I have question concerning my White leghorns. They are seventeen weeks old and haven't layed me any eggs. There comes and waddles aren't very big also. The comes and wattles that they have though are red. Do you guys know when they will start laying I have four of that breed. Do you think they will be laying in the next month or so? Please help i am very concerned, do I need to be feeding them more/less? Do they need more sunlight? Thankyou!
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    Leghorns lay earlier than most...but 17 weeks is still a little young. I think you could expect eggs in the next month, however. Patience. ;)
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    Welcome to BYC! It's great to have you.

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