Topical creams for pressure sores?


11 Years
Jul 3, 2011
My older hens sometimes develop bare spots on their undercarriage, keel or farther back, where they sit or roost, as they become less active and things sag with age. Does anyone have suggestions for topical applications to soothe these spots and heal any abrasions that occur? Something that rubs in or at least does not leave a thick or sticky residue would be best, as obviously sticky stuff attracts dirt. I've used Vetericyn but not been overly impressed.
We’ve had this happen to our large breed, black Jersey giants. We had to turn the roost to be narrow side up (rather than flat). So, a rounded roost/large branch could also help.

When our large BJG developed a large breast blister, we had to cut with a scalpel (small cut) and squeeze out the puss. We treated with betadine and sterile saline. We still had a large scab to deal with in addition to the small cut. We soaked him in epsom salt bath in the deep utility sink for 15-20 min each day for a few days. Eventually the scab/plug softened and came off. Clean and healthy skin resulted, but still needed to heal more, so neosporin was applied at night with a guaze pad and vet wrap around body (under the wings).

if it is just bare spots, any application will just attract dirt to the area. If you think they need a softer spot to roost, some have added old carpet or similar to roost bars. The down side is a great area for mites etc to live, dirt/poop to possibly collect, and if there are loose but, the birds will pull/destroy/eat whatever they can.
This is helpful; thank you. There's no infection or open sore I know of; I need to recruit an assistant to get a better look at her underside. I'm reluctant to turn roosts for fear of causing foot problems, but I'll look further into that. I've thought about carpet or cushioning on the roost, too, but that might invite other problems, as you note. I also wonder if she would use it, as it would feel strange and perhaps not sturdy to have something not hard beneath her. This aging thing is hard on every species!

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