Jul 15, 2021
Hey everyone! Looking for some first aid advice! It appears that one of my hens got her head through some chicken wire and tugged and she tore her ear lobe right down. I currently have her separated from everyone else, cleaned the wound, and have given her some electrolyte water. She is eating and drinking everything and acting very normal, just upset because she is separated from her roo lol. Just wondering what my next steps should be (other than fixing the chicken wire problem to prevent it from happening again), and approximately how long I should wait until I bring her back to her flock? I currently have her in a chicken tractor right next to her flock so the reintroduction won't be as bad. I am assuming it will never be able to be re-attached, but my biggest concern is obviously infection and flies. I've heard of some people cutting the hanging part off but I definitely do not have the stomach for that so I am hoping to avoid it. Any advice is really appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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