Tornado came through my valley and killed my peahen.


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Aug 15, 2009
Schuylkill County, Pa
Thursday evening a tornado came through my valley. I am so sad because my beautiful peahen Crystal was killed. They have a pen but most of the time go up in the trees at night. The only time they use the pen is if it is raining hard or a snowstorm in the winter. If the storm happens after dark they are up in the trees and will not come down. Sadly the tornado came through right as it was getting dark. Ice and Crystal had already flown up into the trees. I was going crazy when it was happening because I knew they were up in the trees. I kept trying to see if their tree was still stand but could not see. As soon as the winds died down I took a flash light and ran out side to look for them. Their tree was still standing but I couldn’t see them. After some running around I saw Ice the peacock low in a tree. I don’t know how he managed to hang on but thankfully he did. I found Crystal on the ground under a farm wagon. She didn’t even try to run when I picked her up so I know she was hurt bad. Still I hoped she was just scared. I put her in their pen then went to help take trees off the road to open it up. The power was out. When I checked on her later she was just standing on one of the perches she had jumped up on when I put her in. When it got light the next morning I went out to check her and know it was not good. She had a broken egg hanging out of her. I got all the egg out and cleaned her up and put her back. When I went back checked on her she was still passing more of the clear and yokes of the eggs. She died that morning. I don’t know what happened but think she was blown out of the tree and slammed up against some thing hard enough to break the eggs inside her and other things. It was so sad when I brought her out of the pen to bury her Ice stood guard over her. He kept chasing the chickens away staying very close to her. He watched us bury her after we were done he walked down to the spot very slowly and just stood there. He keeps calling for her. They had a call they would make when they could not see each other. That is what he is doing. Saturday I went to Amy’s Peacock Paradise and got two hens for him so I hope he will stop calling for Crystal. He is still making that call today but not as much as he did on Friday and Saturday. Then he did it most of the time. He is starting to check out the two hens in the pen. They are a blue like Crystal and a blackshoulder. We named them Hailly and Windy because of the tornado. The people at Amy are very nice and have a lot of birds. Today we finely had our power and Internet restored. It is a Memorial Day Weekend I will never forget. Crystal was the only causality of the tornado. When I decided to free range I knew of the dangers but never thought a tornado would be one of them here in Eastern Pennsylvania. RIP My little Crystal.
Aw, I'm sorry for your loss. I hope your peacock likes the new girls. Glad to hear that you are alright and your house is still standing!
So sorry for your loss....and for you Peacock Ice's loss as well. It is touching how loyal birds can be to one another. Hope he likes his new hens and moves on quickly. Glad you are okay. How scary!
So sorry
very sorry for you lose last year our white hen broke her neck durning a bad thunder our peacock was very sad 2 we also drove 4hrs to amy's peacocks to him 2 hens she was so nice an had a ton of birds to chose from.good luck
Thank You, We are all lucky. It was a confirmed F1 tornado. Nothing like the ones out West. They have it real bad. Most of our houses were spared. There were a lot of trees and power lines down. There are home with damage from the wind and trees falling on them. One of the sheds on the farm was torn apart and there is a lot of trees down or broken off. With all the trees around my house we were lucky none fell on the house. They all fell away from the house. I am sure it didn’t last long but it sure felt like it did. The wind was so loud we never knew that the trees were fall over till after when we went out side to see what happened. They were warning people on the TV and radio that it was coming but the power went out so we had no TV to hear about it. I still have not let Ice in with the new hens. I want them to get use to their new home first. I really don’t know how long to keep him away from them before I let him in with them. I am keeping them locked up. They can come out into a fenced in area that is where he can see them but as of now I am still keeping them apart. Does any one know if this is a good idea or bad idea?

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