Tornado destroys MetraPark arena, Heights stores! BILLINGS, MONTANA

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    Wow - I thought that sort of thing didn't happen up there!! Of course, I still remember the day we had a tiny tornado touch down in Lake Oswego...I was walking home from school when the sky changed all of a sudden, and I said to my friend..."That looks like tornado weather"...not that I had a clue what "tornado weather" actually looked like...
  2. My friends got it on video but I can't figure out how to post it on here...
  3. I guess other than the tornado--they got HUGE hail and massive flooding!! CRAZY!!!
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  5. How far is Round Up from Billings? My son lives in Round Up.
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    What a mess.
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    Quote:Actually yes. To be honest, they generally have more tornadoes in the flat eastern part of the state than elsewhere in the state, but billings can (obviously) and does get them as well. I grew up in Glendive, MT which is 30 minutes from the Montana/North Dakota border and about 3 hours east of Billings and we had tornadoes every summer. In fact, one year my grandmother watched a tornado go between her apartment building and the next one (and she watched this from her apartment, which was on the second level!) [​IMG] so yeah, Montana can definitly have tornadoes! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personally, I figure its because you've got all the rockies to the west and the south west, and the plains area to the east, and it creates a nice area for tornadoes to breed because you generally have differing weather systems colliding right in that area pretty much all summer
  8. Quote:Roundup's about an hour north of Billings...
  9. Quote:No kidding! At least no one was killed! Which is a miracle!

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