tornado's last night missouri


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Branson, missouri
My dear God, it felt like the world was indeed going to end..... last night we evacuated. we were late though because we were watching cable channels as opposed to local channels. I was aware it was over cast but until my good friend Su Goodman called me I had no idea just how bad it was going to get. I grabbed, 2 dogs, my serama chickens, my bator which is 3 days set now. on the way to my car the sky just went onyx black and the wind was trying to knock me down. the plastic over my bator lifted and sail away and the top of my bator got wet. drove away from the storm headed to my daughters house 25 miles away. it took a long to get there with all the branches on the ground. and the lightening hail and rain. My son in law had gone out in this storm to look for me, I could see the strained worry on my daughters face. within 10 min he made it back home. we all set in the basement in their theatre room, their family and my chickens, dogs, incubator. the incubator stopped cycling and just stayed on because it got wet on top, so i spent the next 2 hours unplugging it and plugging it in and my grandson brought me a blow dryer to blow dry the top. I was near tears because i know I couldnt possibly cycle it all night. My grandson said please dont worry Nana ill buy you a brand new one tomorrow........ the bator started cycling as normal and i was so relieved. the lowest the temp got was 84 the highest 101 so i think my eggs may be ok unless when the wind hit it and the eggs rolled ( despite the bubble wrap) maybe air cells were damaged ( I hope they are ok).
I am home now with very minor damage compared to joplin
but it is like yesterday and getting dark again... the news ( local stations are on now) says we are getting more today with possible tornado activities
I am deeply concerned about Ruth who is a BYC person i met a few days ago in person. she lives on the other side of this storm system. I emailed her, all I can do is continue to pray for her safety.
I called our fire house to see if they have a cellar, but they do not. I said i pay a lot of taxes and we have no safe shelter for me and my animals. he replied even if we did have shelters, your animals could not come. every person is responsible for their own safety. so i am going to have a part of my land blasted before next year and make a shelter where my animals can be safe!!!!! I will fit it with cages to hold my chickens!!! anyone else in missouri please share your experience. and please pray for Ruths safety

48 tornado touchdowns in this system. closest to me was saddlebrook 8 miles away, galena 9 miles away forsyth 14 miles away. all around us like in a circle.

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Donna, I pray that both you, Ruth and all of your animals and loved ones remain safe! This type of tragedy is something that we in Maine very rarely have to deal with. I think that your idea of a storm shelter for your animals is a great idea. May God keep you safe, give you strength and peace.
Thanks goodness you are safe, I live in Colorado and we have been watching, I have friends in St Louis and Kansas City....we are all praying for everyones safe return to their homes!

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