torpedo egg and sick acting chickens **update** LOOKING WORSE

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  1. josh_bigler

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    Jun 11, 2008
    windsor, missouri
    well i just purchased 12 red sex link hens at a sale, they said they were around a year old, got them home around a week ago and it had looked like they had been in the cage forever, havent gotten any eggs from them except one today that was really tiny and torpedo shaped, they all sound like they have a runny nose/respitory problems they all have their beaks open and just sound really plugged, it has also been hot out, their droppings look normal as i can tell, my other chickens have started doing the same thing today also, so it has me worried, i put terramycin in their water today hoping to control it and cure it, i just wanna know if im doing the right thing, and if the egg was because they are sick, or OLD, i believe they are all molting too, they all look shaggy looking, but who knows they were in bad shape and still are in bad shape now, they have hardly NO beaks which really makes me mad, but atleast they are getting the care they need, sorry this is so long, thanks
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    First, since you just got them, sounds like they weren't taken care of very well. How about some vitamins in their water, plain organic yogurt daily, dust them with DE and watch them carefully. Report any new signs and symptoms here.
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    Jun 11, 2008
    windsor, missouri
    well checked on them today, they are sounding worse, coughing and everything, no mucus is coming up, but they sound terrible, laying down all spread out like they look dead till u get up to them then they run from you, it is really hot here today to, over 90 degrees, they have plenty of shade so its probably 80 something in the shade, i misted them down with water, but still seems to not help, i think they are dying of something from the way they look, most of them can barely open their eyes, please help
  4. josh_bigler

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    Jun 11, 2008
    windsor, missouri
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    Yikes! Sorry to here about your new birds.:aww That must really stink, getting new birds and finding out they're all sick. I'm reading in my book (chicken hand health book) and 1 of the things your birds could have is Infectious Laryngotracheitis (OMG thats the longest word in the world!). Your birds have the same symptoms. There is no cure though. See what other people say though.
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    The panting is probably coming from the heat. Mine have been panting for a week now due to 95+ heat.

    Mine also lay on the ground with their wings spread trying to cool down. They also dust in the shavings and get them all over them for some reason. Then they shake and they come flying out. Then they started leaving them on them and going to roost for the night. Maybe it helps air flow to the skin. I have no clue.

    My roo started coughing a few weeks ago. He had a runny nose and looked like he felt lousy. His comob started to turn black on the tips. I called a buddy that used to raise game roosters. He said it sounded like a chicken cold. He told me to put a few drops of kerosene in his mouth and a few tablespoons in his water. I thought he was crazy!!!! Well, I did it. His comb turned back red in just a few hours. The next day he still had a runny nose but no cough. The day after he was completely better and chasing the hens around the house again.

    Also, I bought some white leghorn hens from a guy. They came from a pullet house. Their beaks had been cut. It looked horrble. I felt so sorry for those chickens. They were in great shape but just 1/2 a beak. They are fine now and laying every day.

    I hope your chicken gets better. I am not suggesting the kerosine but it sure worked for me.

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    Jan 11, 2007
    You need to give these birds four drops of POLYVISOL Enfamil formulation into their beaks for a week immediately. This will take care of the most common deficiencies especially vit A which is commonly present with respiratory ailments.

    They sound really too ill for terramycin to be effective...I am posting here below instructions for the use of tylan50 (injectible) ... this will allow you to give electrolytes/vit in the waterer which is necessary for all your birds that are panting (which in itself will induce a condition called acidosis which recquires electrolytes > you can get the electrolytes at your feed store and if the sotre does not have the tylan50 injectible then you can purchase that and the syringe/needles ata place like JEFFERS)
    Chicken Medications
    by Dr. James Barton and Clarence Gillihan
    ".....Bacterial Diseases:
    Purchase a bottle of Tylan 50 and several 3cc
    syringes with 25 to 30 gauge 1/2" needles. Give yourhen 1 to 1 1/2 cc. of Tylan under the skin of the neck .........Continue daily injections for three days but not more than five. Withdrawal time is one month...... it is very good against Mycoplasma bacteria which is responsible for some respiratory diseases.

    To inject Tylan 50, pull the hens feathers back
    to reveal the skin on base of the the neck on her back.
    Lift the skin up and insert the needle gentlty but firmly into the skin just far enough to allow the Tylan to be injected. You will be able to feel it. Be careful that you do not inject yourself. Make certain that you do not push the needle through the skin and out again not injecting
    at all...........................
    Because Tylan is so powerful, it is recommended
    that you purchase some Beneficial Bird Bacteria
    and feed it to your chicken after she recovers.
    Tylan wipes out all the benficial bacteria that is normally present in a chickens digestive system. Also, Tylan can kill skin cells near the site of the injection so you should not use anything stronger than Tylan 50 - a stronger variety, Tylan-200 is also available at your local feed store, but this will likely do more harm than good.
    When purchasing syringes, get them from a
    local drug store. The 'human' grade needles are a little sharper than the vetrinary grade. The cost is about the same and your hen will thank you...."

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