Torrance Chicken/Bee legalization meeting - a work in progress... (meeting 10/3/13 at 7pm)

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by father-clucker, Oct 4, 2013.

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    I posted this on the LA Urban Chicken Enthusiast group already regarding today's 7pm meeting in the West Annex of City Hall - the council members were there to listen to the city members and get pros/cons for each topic and see if there was sufficient info to move forward or not...

    So.. kinda sorta a bust -- we were there until almost the end (~9:30pm).. The short-n-skinny is that they need to do more homework.. The council suggested the 'staff' to go back and do more research on what other local cities are doing (e.g. hermosa, redondo,long beach,etc). The suggested ordinance provided to them was based on what was done in Mar Vista which is a very small part of Los Angeles and a bigger town's ordinances were of interest since Torrance is considerably larger than Mar Vista. It was also noted that they did not have enough input from the residents of Torrance -- they had a petition that only had about 45 signatures. They suggested getting the word out via local schools specifically and someone suggested having a petition at the farmers market,etc.

    My wife and I were thinking it would be a good idea to sign petitions at the local Home Depot (near the Torrance airport), and other high traffic (people traffic) areas -- schools,etc..

    I'm sure others have some feedback as well.. The people that spoke were very well received and provided a wealth of information!
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    I'm gathering info for the torrance city environmental fair in June 2014. Thanks for the link. Looking for more help gathering facts and info that people will want to know before expressing their opinion to the city.

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