Total city girl!

Hi, welcome to BYC!! Before you get chickens you might want to make sure that you are zoned for them. Many cities limit the amount of chickens you can have and usually have a ban on rooster. They say that they make too much noice, which I think is crazy, dogs barking may way more noise then a rooster. But anyway, you will need to check that out first.

Chickens them selves do not take much time. They are relatively simple creatures that ask very little. All they need is fresh food and water daily and a clean place to call home, their coop and pen.

They do take care every day, such as filling waterers, feeling feeders, and cleaning the poop tray or cleaning out poop for the night before. If you have a small flock as I suspect you will if you live in the city, daily chicken chores would not take much time at all.

As far as tying you down to the house, that depends on how you look at it. chickens are an animal that require daily care. Although it is simple they do need care daily. If you go on vacation a neighbor could look after them for you. All you need to do is show them what to do. I have 5 coops and about 30 chickens. I am able to take vacations and do traveling as needed. I have several neighbors and friends who chip in when needed and take care of them. They actually like to take care of them for me. They enjoy spending time with them and collecting and using the eggs.

If you want chickens you have to weigh what caring for them daily to the structure of your life. For me, I love my girls, they are my life, I get so much joy from them and they ask for very little. They are indeed and very unique and unusual pet to have. They will eat all the bugs out of your yard and give you delicious fresh eggs in return. If you have neighbors with dogs you will want to build a fence at least around their coop. Dogs can be deadly to chickens.

I hope that I answered some of your questions at least.
Thank you for the response. I have several neighbors with chickens so I know that they are allowed! We have many predators in the area also! I think I would have to build a pretty big fenced in area for the chickens! Better give this more thought!

Yea, if you have predators around you a fence would be a good idea. You would not need to fence in your while yard just where the chickens would live. If you have neighbors who have chickens I think you are clear as far a zoning.
Do I dare get chickens? I live in a semi rural neighborhood with lots of animal neighbors. I am worried that Having chickens will be too much work and keep me tied to the house!
if you are a city folk and even would ask that question. they will be too much work for you. they are a huge responsibility, even ppl who think they are prepared to work get ride of them later sometimes!
Do I dare get chickens? I live in a semi rural neighborhood with lots of animal neighbors. I am worried that Having chickens will be too much work and keep me tied to the house!
I say go for it! I'm a city guy but totally tired of city life and traffic. I love the daily routine of chilling with my chicks and easter egg hunts every day. My neighbors love the eggs they get from us, we are snobby vegans and don't eat our eggs but we do enjoy providing for these "dare I say it pets". During the day it isn't unusual for me to go out and forage with my birds, I'll turn over Texas rocks and see what we can find together. Sure normal people can't relate but BYC members can. I like my therapy birds, and would never discourage anyone from experiencing them themselves if they think it might be an interest.

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