TOTAL longshot - seeking housing in Western NH

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    Mar 20, 2016
    Georges Mills, NH
    The house we are living in is selling (2 offers in). We were supposed to buy it after 5 years of working/cleaning it but Landlord "changed their mind". (no nothing in writing)

    Anyhow we are looking for a new place to live either rental or buy

    We are preapproved for a loan around 100,000. house cannot be manufactured or under construction and 2-5 acres and MUST pass a Rural Development inspection.

    Area we are looking is between Unity and Wilmot NH


    Rental of a 2 bedroom house where we can have our dogs and chickens 5 acres or more same general area. Max rent 1000/mo
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    Have you tried posting on your state thread, where more people may see it. Hope you are able to find something appropriate soon. [​IMG]

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