Totally natural hatching!


9 Years
Oct 17, 2010
Upper Penninsula
This summer I finally got my Welsummer Chickens - along with a Buff Orpington, a Rhode Island Red and a Isa. I have some old girls that were tired of laying. Anyway, one of the Welly's was going broody and just having a horrible fit when we took her eggs - the last time we took them from her - she cried for almost 30 minutes over it. The next night we left her 4 eggs. That was 3 weeks ago - and tonight they are hatching! We didn't do anything special. She made her own nest on the floor - it looks like the Buff Orpington will be the next lady to hatch babies. . . she's gone broody too. How cool is this?
I will have pictures tomorrow and especially pictures of Kellogg the proud father. He is a drop dead gorgeous Welly Rooster.... We were hoping that we would get a "broody" hen and let her set the eggs. I looked it up online - and basically didn't pay attention to anything we read about what to do for them. I guess us taking the eggs from her every night was what did it. LOL She made her on nest in a quiet corner and that was that. Doesn't matter if the other hens come on or not.
What was funny to watch was her "stealing" eggs from the other hens and putting them into her nest. Some were 3 feet away! She used her neck to scoop them toward her nest. Yes, nature is just amazing. I have always felt so bad for the new babies not having a mom... heat lamps are expensive. This was just so easy - 21 days on the nose too! I'm so proud of our first time Mom!!
I have a single chicken at home. She's crippled. The rest of my chickens are out at a friend's farm. I did have 2 at home, but one got eaten by a hawk. I felt bad since she was by herself, so I brought home some fertilized eggs from the farm, and started replacing her eggs w/these eggs. She went broody real quick, and I now have 3 chicks in w/her. Only problem being, I think 2 are roos.
I'd rather go this route than an incubator and heat lamps.
A broody hen beats any kind of incubator anytime. What God created cannot be replaced by the most expensive or least expensive incubator.....We have had 100% hatch rates on eggs and enjoyed 3 broodies now for over one month! Hatched out guineas, lavendar orpingtons, wellsummers, delawares, everything!!! I'm thrilled! Best year ever for broodiness! PTL for those broodies....I'm hoping to find another this week! I call it off the grid incubating....Saves the electricity and the Agony of the hatch!
Come on babies....Momma needs to sit on those eggs....Pretty baby and mom/dad. I'm guessing a little Welsummer baby girl. Do a close up and I'll take another guess if boy /girl.....

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