Totally off topic. Anyone want to talk windows 10?

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    My old toshiba running 7 was just fine until about a week ago, then it decided it was done. I rebooted it for the second time from disc in about two years, but the locking up wouldn't go away.
    I decided to go apple-mac. The one I picked came out at $2K. No way!!!!
    No one anywhere close to me even sells them, and I'm not making a 300 mi rt to spend that kind of money.
    So I had to settle on a new toshiba, it's nice, but it came installed with win 10. You want to tak about a huge learning curve?
    I've pulled my hair out trying to learn it. It's supposed to be intuitive, yeah right!

    I could'nt get the mouse pad to even scroll, until I found out that nowadays you can use one finger to navigate, but it takes two fingers to scroll.
    That's not even the half of it. What a giant PITA!

    I'll get it eventually, I'd rather just go back to XP, there wasn't a thing wrong with XP.

    I've now spent two days trying to get this thing configured. Remembering all my passwords is about to make lose my mind as I try to reset up all my accounts, and I'm just getting started.

    It won't download chrome, so it's forced me to go back to foxfire, and there's another whole learning curve.

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    I'll follow. Computer keeps asking me to upgrade now.

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    I'm pretty sure whether you choose to upgrade or not, eventually they'll just force your machine to accept it.
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    They keep bugging me every single day for months and months, I don't want windows 10. Windows 7 is the best I can manage. My brother had windows 8 and said it was awful. He is a security analyst, he went to 10 but, I had to hear all the moaning and groaning about it - till he figured most of it out. His place of employment refuses to use windows 10.

    My son (programmer) has threatened to get a computer with windows 10 already installed for me. He means well but, he lives in Washington state, I do not. I only see him a couple times a year- he couldn't teach me that fast- I am not a great learner.
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    Feb 25, 2014
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    In a word? Hatred!! I had so many problems with this new computer. Just using BYC as an example, I had features that suddenly didn't work at all.

    Like "copy and paste". Tell me anything more basic and essential to using a computer than that one single function. Nope, doesn't work. If you Google "copy and paste issues" you'll find a hunnert 'n' eleventy gabillion folks complaining about it. And the stoopid thing is you can highlight, copy and paste to a word program, just not to a web site like BYC.

    The little emjois here on BYC don't work right. You click where you want it, select the smiley face you want, click it, and presto - it adds it to the top of the page in front of the first word of your text. No problem, just highlight and move, right? Um, no! It ain't moving. It LOOKS like it is, then as soon as you move on it's back to the beginning of the text. Grrrrr

    Photos don't work right. Go to your computer, select an image, and you often get some kind of gobbledygook message about parameters.

    Sometimes it types backwards. Yep, backwards. And that wasn't exclusive to BYC - that was in the word processor and other forums too. I can't do it deliberately, but I'll try just a short sentence so you can hopefully see what I mean. .01 swodniW etah I Only it is typed that way at your full speed, even though you put your cursor right where you wanted your sentence to begin. Another common problem that I had to Google.

    The little @Blooie feature doesn't always work. Sometimes it does, most times it doesn't.

    The web browser, Edge, should be pushed off the edge - of a cliff! (Except it would probably fall backwards and refuse to go where you wanted it) What the heck good is a web browser that lets you write on a web page and talk to you if it can't do basic browsing!!

    My iCloud is not compatible with Windows 10 without a lot of messing in stuff I don't even understand. Again, Google it. Known issue, complex out of the ability of most users to comprehend let alone fix. And I do (or did) depend a lot on my iCloud. (that does affect my BYC because I can no longer count on Photo stream to get pics from my iPad or iPhone to my computer, and we all know that Blooie without photos is a travesty!)

    Take heart! There are fixes and the main one is really easy. Just sign on to Edge as your browser, type in Google Chrome, and when it comes up hit the little button that asks if you want to make it your default. Yep. And presto! Everything is back to working properly.

    Here is a thread I started about these issues and what me and other folks did - in common language and not geek speak - to resolve them.
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    Jan 27, 2007

    Did your old Toshiba go down owing to hardware failure resulting in 'lockup"? Do you have a retail XP/7 DVD(s), or just the recovery DVD's from Toshiba? If you can still get into the Toshiba's BIOS settings on startup and, the machine keeps chugging along for hours with the BIOS displayed and the fan(s) running - the machine is probably just fine. If answer is yes, it runs and you do have a retail version of Win with a valid key then the easiest/cheapest rehab is to perform a clean install after wiping the hard drive.

    Did you try downloading Chrome from the alternate sites?

    Classic Shell will force 8/10 to look/act like XP (use it on the 8.1 machine, here - can't say how well it functions in 10, as I haven't bothered with it - read on):

    If one doesn't wish to keep getting the the upgrade messages & one doesn't mind a bit of futzing around:

    We have an HP that came with 10. DW likes the *** chiclet display - but tapping the windows icon flips to standard desktop so I haven't messed with it. If I was using machine more often I'd immediately kill touchscreen function and the touch pad (keyboard/mouse, thanks-no confusion owing to some clumsy move on my part)

    Use a clipboard replacement program (runs on all machines XP pro/Vista U./8.1/10) as I've no use for any win version, ever.
    Ditto is a free, stable, program that is highly configurable:

    Just some ideas.

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    I just don't know what to say at this point. I guess I'll just suck it up, and learn this 10 program.
  8. Brian Rinaldi

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    Sep 14, 2014
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    i would sugest a ebay account and a mac mini they go for 320-450 at auction. go with i5 and 4-8 gb of ram and at least 2.4 ghz
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    Mar 5, 2007
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    I know you already bought your computer, but next time check out Best Buy. They sell apple products and will ship them right to your door. They also have 12 or 24 months no interest of you apply for their credit card. This is how I bought my iPad and it was great because I could make small payments over 12 months (which is helpful because I am a student)
  10. BBQJOE

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    I appreciate it. I live so far out in boonies, and up in the hills, no one delivers anything to my door.

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