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My hens have been laying for about 5 weeks now. The membrane under the shell is on the tougher side which makes it difficult to peel hard boiled eggs and a little more difficult to break an egg without getting egg shell in the frying pan. Is there anything I can do with their diet to make the membrane thinner? They are on Purina layer feed.
I'll be interested to hear answers too. We have the same issue some of the time and other times no issue at all. I'm not sure what makes the difference but my chickens free range about 10 hours a day so their diet varies widely by the day. It does seem to get worse in winter so maybe it has to do with the greens and protein they get from bugs and such. Like I said, I'll be interested to know.
My Silkie eggs are very hard to crack. They are very thick, so I will be waiting for an answer also.
Honestly, I like the tough membranes. That way when (not if) I get butterfingered in the chicken house and drop one I will only crack the shell instead of making a mess.

I think it just shows that you have nice and healthy young chickens.

For cracking them, I take a moment and peel away a piece of shell or two after I hit them the first time. Then I pull a hole in the membrane and pour out the egg. Just a little different technique, doesn't take long once you get used to it.

Have fun!
As far as peeling the hard-boiled eggs, part of the problem is that they're so darn fresh. Keep some eggs for a week or so, then hard-boil them and they will be somewhat easier to peel as hard-boiled.
Old indian trick, take a push pin and make a hole in the large end of the egg, I use a knife tip but any sharp instrument works, put them on to boil and the shells will fall off them quite smoothly, the hole allows a bit of water to enter the shell and makes peeling a snap.....If they do give you more trouble than that, roll the egg to crush the shell, put the holed end up against the spigot and give it a burst of water pressure, be sure and put your hand around the spigot or you will get a facefull of water....the water pressure will literally blow the shell away from the contents.

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