Tough lesson in raising geese

Niche Flock

5 Years
Mar 22, 2017
Today was a tough day. I've notice that my Roman goose has been rather aggressive while in the kiddie pool. Last week she began picking on one of my white layers (they were raised together and have never been hostile before) outside of the water they're fine together, but when they're in the pool she picks on her and plucks her feathers. I treated the little white layer and supervised her in the kiddie pool. Today I went out to the kiddie pool to find one of my older Khaki Campbells almost completely plucked and drowned. It was devastating. I knew that the geese were unwelcoming to the older ducks, and in the back of my mind I knew that the geese could be capable of doing something, but I didn't know that they would kill. I can't get over the feelings of guilt. I think my khaki Campbell was in the pool, maybe couldn't get out in time and the goose saw her as a threat or got territorial and attacked. We buried her at the bottom of the hill and I kept thinking about how if I had gone outside 20 minutes earlier I could have saved her life. I've suspended kiddie pool activities for now, unless I can stay and supervise them for the entire time. I know my geese are much larger and stronger. I keep them separate from the duck flock at night and give them plenty of ranging space to graze and spread out on. It's just so tragic to lose and animal this way, especially one I raised from a baby. Now I am rightfully paranoid that something like this could happen again. Culling my geese is absolutely out of the question. I love them despite the aggression and I understand they're animals. I'm going to remain vigilant and check for aggression and limit opportunities where my older ducks could be pinned or trapped and attacked. I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with goose on duck aggression like this before, and what they did to make the situation safe for all. My biggest fear is that because my goose killed a duck, she might try it again?? Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thank you.
Swimming water seems to inspire mating behavior in ducks and geese. The goose may have been trying to breed the duck and inadvertently drowned her. This happens frequently with multiple drakes trying to breed the same duck hen in a pool.
I’m sorry for your loss.

I had two ganders and two ducks coexist peacefully for a few years, then their relationship turned violent and they had to be separated. Unfortunately geese and ducks generally don’t get along from what I’ve seen, they can’t be reconciled so the only solution is to have separate areas or have them out at seperate times.

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