Tough little chickies - 2 weeks old - out in the rain!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Gypsy07, Aug 7, 2011.

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    I have three tiny little chicks who are just over two weeks old. They were hatched by one of my Marsh Daisy hens who has been a very attentive mother so far. But she's used to free ranging, and was getting rather squawky and fed up after being confined to a shed for the last few weeks, so yesterday (warm and sunny) I let them all venture out for some exercise, and they didn't go very far. Today (below 55F and raining!) she has taken them out for a longer wander, and they've been poking about the yard in the drizzling rain pretty much all day. They seem to be having fun and I haven't seen any of them scuttling under her wings to shelter or for a quick heat up. They're scrawny little things (Leghorn crosses), but they're obviously much tougher than they look!

    I'm rather nervous letting them free range, but have decided to let them take their chances. It also looks like she has decided to return to the main coop rather than stay in the shed I moved her to while she was sitting on the eggs, so I'm also a bit nervous about how the chicks will get on with my 20 or so other adult hens and also my two roos come bedtime tonight...
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    I think there OK in the rain. They can always go to mom to get dry and warm up.
    I mean- How could you have chicks in Scotland without them getting rained on.
    Mom should protect them from the others.

    Good luck,

    Imp- lives in another rainy place
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