Toulouse starting to lay at last (UK). Pics


8 Years
Feb 19, 2011
Suffolk, UK
At last our Toulouse are coming into lay and now separated into 2 flocks. Were very lucky to get them in the UK as our best Gander is a direct import from Holderrreads but getting on now. He's paired to an English goose with their 3 year old daughter. The Gander's in good condition and mating well but we're hoping to establish a line thats based on Holderrread type. Its the daughter thats about to lay (I think) as heavy at the back, drooping tail and a little quieter than normal. Also keeps wandering into housing to arrange bit of straw - finger crossed

Our other flock is based on the Grandson of our Holderread male and he's paired to 2 unrelated Buffs which are just under a year old. Both from very reputable UK exhibitiors. Not nearly as big as the USA stock and type still to develop but they are getting there slowly. Hopefully we can keep the best male goslings to mate with Holderread type females next year and get some even better Buff females in type and size.

So far our first Buff has laid 5 eggs which we've just set in the incubator but not expecting too much from the young buff females. Just hope its going to be a good breeding season






Hope you like the photos and all comments welcomed
I love them!!!
I hope you have babies coming out your EARS!!!

I hope to order a pair of Giant Dewlap Toulouse from Holderreads this year.
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Thats very kind of you
We hope that we get some lovely babies that secure the line and look like our American gander in type

Well you're lucky that you can access some Holderead Toulouse and I'd recommend them. The costs of importing to the UK are very prohibitive so we've got to develop our own line and try to 'fix' the qualities of our big Gander. I hope you get some beauties from them. Wish I could order some of their Buff Dewlaps
Last year I got 4 American Blue geese from Holderreads, and I love them. This year if everything works out I hope to get another pair of blues and a pair of dewlap. I think its cool you have a Holderreads goose all the way over in the UK.
Wow! Those are impressive looking toulouse!

I bought two sexed pairs of toulouse from Holderread's last spring and they are now mating and laying eggs. Being young, I don't expect much from them this year in the way of fertility. The two hens laid eight eggs as of yesterday, and I am leaving the eggs in the nest to see what happens.

Good luck with your breeding program!

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