Town Justice Decree -- Chickens Taken, Fine Levied

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    Just wanted to let everyone on here who regards their chickens as pets to know about this story. A lady in a town in New York had her chickens taken away because of a Judge's ruling, and has been fined $4,000, to boot. She's appealing, and hoping for some support from fellow pet chicken enthusiasts.

    The url and video of the news story is below:
    It's pretty compelling . . . a life/death component in how it all started, just watch the short video. Her husband gave her the pet chickens to 'give her a reason to live'. But first, he checked out the town's codes, and there were none at that time referring to chickens.

    My take on it is on my
    . Please check it out and discuss your thoughts on it. If you can help by writing a short note to the judge, I'm sure Brenda Helm would be very appreciative. Mass comments below the story might generate interest, too.

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