Toys for my chicks?


5 Years
Apr 24, 2014
I've got my chicks in a home made brooder and thus far..we are doing well. it appears they are losing their baby fuzz and I'm seeing a few feathers. I've had them almost 2 weeks... I'm trying to get them used to some handling..much to their despair.. they are in the brooder in the garage and I leave the radio on during the day (NPR and classical music)...all seems well..but..they seem horribly BORED. Everytime I pull into the garage they are standing tall and stretching their little necks..trying to figure out what's going on. This is my first time with chickens. Do they need some kind of entertainment? How soon could I start giving them "treats"...a friend has me started with a lovely batch of mealy worms. (uugggh)...I know they will need a little sand when I start using these..but are they too young? Mostly...are there little toys or something I can put in the brooder? They seem so bored!
Anything to climb on and investigate is a toy. Try cat toys. Small balls with rattles or bells or "mice".
A twig or small branch, a pile of leaves, TP tubes, etc.
I just made my chicks 1.5-2 weeks old a little climbing tower made out of leftover pieces of wood from clean (safe) pallets used for other projects.I think the project took me 1 minute and they'vE loved it and had tons of fun climbing and trying to fly off....emphasis on trying.
only thing is if they're trying to flap wings as much as mine then you might want to put something like a piece of child gate, fire pit or grill cover over the top to give them air but not let them out....
I tried cat toys with little bells inside and it terrified them. They like teddies though, and love to cuddle with them. You can also put something reflective in there; a small bird mirror or something similar. My little chicks love to stare at their reflections ALL day.

Hope this helped.
Mine used to like bricks and rocks to jump
Onto, obviously they would need to be clean, I also used a little mirror off one of my nephews toys, an unbreakable one surrounded in bright colours, apparently chicks can see more colours than us! Oh and a small box full of compost, they love to scratch it!
My friend also made a little swing, they then jump onto it and it helps build their muscles to prepare them to perch
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I give mine a tray of sand and dirt clumps that I add dried mealworms to and they love it. I also hide broccoli in the mix, I put an oatmeal container in there with both ends removed and they love it, they chase each other around it and through it I even saw them rolling it the other day. Some of them even sleep in it.

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