Toys for my coop


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Does anyon have any idea of anything I can make etc to put in my coop to keep my girls occupied etc. I hang cabbages and leeks etc hen the weather is bad and they can't free range. But it is getting colder here in England and soon I will be converting the shed for my girls to winter in as it will prob drop below minus for many nights here. I would be grateful for any ideas that might keep them busy when thy have to spend the cold wintery days in the shed
There is a post on here somewhere about "Roost Trees" for inside coops and barns. Keeps the chooks busy hopping about.
I live in the UK too and I have a treat ball its a small rubber ball with holes in and you fill it with treats and my bantams love kicking it around trying to get the treats out gives them a bit of exercise, the treat balls are for dogs so they will be easy to buy from a pet shop.

as you said in your post hanging veg is good, I hide bits and peices for them to find.
Mine love their mirror.
Some people make flock blocks. It's like a hard block thing made with seeds and other stuff plus something sticky to hold it all together. If you search for flock block there should be some recipes.

I'll have to go to goodwill and find a cheap baby mirror for ours.
Hi, I also have ideas in my main page towards the end as to how I did their "Chicken Playground" Our girls love everything I built for them. They also have a mirror to look at themselves in. Check it out and see if it gives ya any ideas. Good luck.

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