Toys for Peas?

Garden Peas

5 Years
Sep 23, 2014
I've been noticing all the photos with stuffed animals in them -- first in the brooder pens, and then the photos of Zaz's grown birds with the toy. I was fascinated that the first photo Zaz posted showed the Pea picking up the stuffed animal... (the rest are self-explanatory

Before I joined BYC, it never occurred to me to offer the peas toys to play with. But now I'm thinking it could be an effective boredom buster if they actually engage with the toy (okay, don't roll your eyes at that

So now I'm curious -- do adult peas interact with toys? Both sexes, or just males? Does it matter whether they were previously exposed to toys as chicks in the brooder?

And has anyone had any problems with the peas eating the toys or ingesting pieces that they could choke on?

Thanks, and thanks again for posting all the cool photos!

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