Tracking my Oriental chicken adventure!

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    Feb 9, 2018
    20180329_083331.jpg 20180329_091408.jpg MY BABIES ARRIVED
    They shipped out on Tuesday night and arrived Thursday morning. Great experience with IDEAL. I had to email them to get the shipping number, and they replied with it quickly.

    8 Red Junglefowl st run
    3 BBR Malay mff
    3 Dark Aseel mff
    3 Black Shamo mff

    All arrived healthy except one of the RJ was seriously pasted up, and almost looked as if it had hatched a day or two early or something...very small, bedraggled, couldn't walk well, etc. I cleaned it up and syringe fed it NutriDrench through a dropper three times the first day. Thursday night I noticed it wasn't visiting the feeder at all so I made a chick starter smoothie with starter, vitamin-electrolytes, probiotics, and water. I gave it about 1cc of the smoothie and put it back in the brooder fully expecting it to be dead by morning. It was much better! Now it is eating/drinking with the other chicks and walking around more. I still won't be shocked if it dies, but it definitely appears to be recuperating at the moment.

    For now they are getting along but definitely seem more independent of each other than some of the other chicks I have raised. Because they are hatchery stock I'm not expecting the oriental game-types to be as bird-aggressive as the SOP type purebreds are (not to mention the ones actually bred to be aggressive for sport) but I'm prepared if it happens. They are curious and outgoing, and really seem to enjoy exploring their environment.

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    very cute!:love
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    Cute chicks! Hope your little one makes it, you're doing a good job of keeping an eye on him (or her).
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    Hope they will learn to play nicely with each other

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