Tractor Supply AND Fleet Farm Both Out of Stock!!


10 Years
Jan 18, 2010
Wow, I couldn't believe it! When I went to do a price comparison on those red and white plastic feeder and waterers at the two local stores that carry them *anywhere* near me, they were BOTH totally out of stock of the ones I wanted . . . which is extremely unusual and pretty frustrating.

I had to *special order* a plain ol' 1 gallon waterer and a 7 lb red/white feeder so that I could get it when I needed it, when Animal Control comes to inspect our set up today. Thankfully TSC bent over backwards and had one delivered from another store in Wisconsin (!!) and THEN they held it for me for 48 hours until I could come and get it yesterday. What special treatment! I couldn't believe they'd go to all that trouble for me, but they acted like it was no big deal. They definitely have my business -- and not just because they are the only store within 100 miles (literally) to carry the feed I like.

I also had to ask specifically about feed and Tractor Supply said they'd re-ordered it and put a rush on it -- apparently I'm not the only one who asked! Fleet Farm doesn't carry any brand except their own, and I didn't like the look of it. TSC for me, for feed! They have better prices anyway.

I guess one of the bad effects of all we urbanites getting chickens is that the demand is outstripping the supply! Luckily my local TSC (for some definition of local, it's a 20 minute drive, here in a densely urban area -- that's a long way to go, particularly in winter) has figured it out and has increased their shipment of feed to 1x/week so that they don't run out.

I was so surprised to find that I couldn't get a basic feed/water system for love or money . . . wonder if this will happen every year about this time from now on?



Got Mutts
14 Years
May 3, 2008
When I got new chicks in April, went to a swap. Went to Farm and Fleet right after...and of course they were out, they gave me a rain waited.....waited a while, over a week
I even went up once or twice after to see if they forgot to call me it was in but they just took forever to get it in. We only have Farm and Fleet. I've seen a Farm King but thats on the hour drive way to my school I was going to
not driving that far.

Glad they got you what you needed fast

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