Tractor Supply Coupon. Rip-off?


10 Years
Feb 6, 2009
Today, I registered for the $5 TSC online coupon. I gave them my contact info & they gave me...


I got a msg. stating that I cannot access the offer or something. Did anyone else get this? What a bunch of hooey. They better not start e-mailing me! I have a great many chickens, a bunny and a dog. Heaven knows I spent $$$$$$ at TSC!!!! I could use that coupon...
Call your store, let them know you are having an issue and they will try to hook you up. They want your continued business. I just discovered yesterday through a friend that things for your "farm" can be tax free. Stuff like barb wire fences (yep, I'm getting cows at the end of this month", agriculture tools and the like are supposed to be tax free. I am going to call them tomorrow to make sure thats on the level.

I just realized that I completely hijacked your thread, your not mad at my are ya?
I've found them to be completely forthright...I hope you will as well.

Their coupon requires a software application that not all computers are equipped to handle...or at least that was the case with me.

When I mentioned to my local TSC that I was having trouble downloading it, they honored the discount on the spot.

Good folks at TSC.
Instead of coupon, a box popped up that said, "Sorry. You cannot access the offers at this time."

Great, considering I have spent $100 there in the past month...
Not mad at all.
You might need a tax I.D. I dunno. I had to supply one at Gordon's when I used to cater.

you need to file for a Tax ID, there are certain requirements but I think its free to file for. You can also claim losses on you tax return with this id if I remember correctly.
I got my coupon but still I'm still stuck with dial up. I had to download a program or something. I think the only things we buy from them is the chicken feed. I prefer other farm stores in the area.

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