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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Johnson5326, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Mar 22, 2012
    So last year I go the cutest 6 ducklings. I was excited about watching them grow, seeing what they would look like as adults, collecting the eggs, and just watching them be ducks. I ended up with 2 pekin drakes, and the rest were 2 rouens, a black runner (mix?), and a crested (mix?). We still have 5 of the 6. An owl took one of the pekins on a night when they were out later than normal.

    Fast forward from last March to now. I get 3-4 eggs a day usually and we love that. Well, almost 3 weeks ago I took my son with me to Tractor Supply to get some feed and left with 7 chicks of various breeds. All are very cute and almost fully feathered. We're in the process of building a bigger coop by the time they can go outside. So we have another 2-3 weeks.

    Tonight I went (by myself) to Tractor Supply to get some wire. Of course I go to the chick bins 1st. I saw the cutest bantum chicks running around with the exception of 1 that was drinking some water and another that was in that dead sleep chicks do that makes them look dead. Oh, but over in the middle bin where I could hardly see this little khaki campbell peeks its head out and looks at me. I am in love. It was the only khaki so I got another that's solid black. Hoping it turns out to be a blue sweedish but last year the black one turned out to be what looks like a runner mix so who knows?

    Now we go home and I put them in with the chicks. I didn't realize that the chicks are nearly twice their size. So I put them in and one of the rhode island red chicks goes and pecks at them for a min. I fed them so that put an end to the bullying. I hope they get along. If not I'll be separating them abruptly. If that chick keeps up the meanness as I've heard some RIRs do, it will either be traded for some bantums at my cousin's house or become dinner. My flock WILL get along.

    But with 7 chicks and 7 ducks total, my flock is now complete. At least for now [​IMG]
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    Mar 17, 2011
    Small Town, Virginia
    Ha, you sound like me. We have done chickens for 2 years and we love them. On Thursday my son (age 11) and I stopped by TS to see the chicks. I have NEVER bought a chick, let alone a duckling. Well he fell in love with the ducklings and me the chicks. LOL

    Today we sold our roosters (4 of them) and we went to TS and bought 8 ducklings (7 are for my grand kids) and the other one is my son's to raise. We are raising them up in the brooder until they are old enough to be outside, right now the nights are lucky to be out of the 20's most nights and the days are about 40 or less. So it will be another couple of week. The only thing, the girl at TS didn't tell me how old any of these birds are? :( Six of the ducklings are mallards and the other 2 are pekin. The chicks are Sex Links I believe or Tetra Tints, but they are "suppose" to be pullets, so I hope they are right. Too much trouble getting rid of roos. LOL

    Since this is our first time with ducks, I hope it won't be as bad of some people are saying. I want this to be a good experience.
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    Mar 22, 2012
    So far its been my experience that the ducks were much more laid back and more fun than the chicks. Bbut I did spend a lot more time with them because I wasn't really working much at the time. Now I get overtime every week and I'm on call. I just couldn't resist that little khaki. I wish they would have had more to choose from and I could have actually seen all the way in the bin the whole time.
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    Feb 11, 2012
    Western Washington
    I've been lucky and not ended up in the feed store on duckling day yet. They sell really fast here, so as long as I don't go the day they're delivered, I'm fine.

    Fluffies tend to follow me home if I come across them.
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Port Orchard, Wa
    My feed store gets chicks starting in February and continues to get them until May. My chicks (first ones Yay!) will be in on March 15. I am getting silver laced wyandottes, one roo and four hens. While I was there a couple of days ago I put my name down for three more fawn and white runners (girls) that should be here on March 27 if the hatchery can supply them. My toulouse goslings will be in on April 24. It's going to be a busy spring. They order from Metzers and Welp.
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    Hi all, I too cannot resit going to see the babies when we go to the feed store. Luckily TS is on the other side of town, the busy-lots and lots of traffic side, so i am able to resist that store. But sometimes I just crave going.
    Mommysongbird, just a quick word about the ducklings. You may want to keep two of them not just one for your son,they are extremely social (more so than chickens). It needs to have a companion that speaks the same language. If they are raised together and then separated it will morn the losses. If you raise only one it will attach to someone in the household and will be terribly lonely when left alone. You have to be able to the majority of your time with it when you have only one duck. Not saying that it will not work out for you, just a suggestion. We had 4 ducks already and got a single girl in trade for a roo we had. She was so mopey and lonely. After watching her droop and hide for a week we got in touch with the previous owner and got a companion for her, one she was raised with. The minute she saw the other duck she perked up and instantly started talking to it, before the other duck had even touched the ground.
  7. calmwinds

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    Feb 10, 2013
    I put a mirror in the pen as I have a single swedishblue duck I am raising to add to my 4 girls later. I also use small stuffed toys for him to snuggle too
    Do anyone know where the ducks-chicks come from that are shopped to Tractor Supply? I'm in central fl. Just wondering. I think they are from a hatchery but it would be nice to know which one.
  8. TattooedKeeper3

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    Mar 6, 2013
    Plantersville, Tx
    I bought some black ducklings from Tractor Supply as well. I live in Texas and got mine from the Tomball store. I called to find out which breed they were because I wasn't quite sure if they were Indian Runners. The guy I talked to said they didn't have black ducklings. I told him I bought them the first of March and they were the only two, I have the reciept. He insisted they didn't have black ducklings and did not have the information I was looking for. I do not think I will get ducks from that particular store again. The man was quite rude on the phone. I will stick with the Tractor Supply where I am familiar with almost everyone who works there, been shopping there a lot.
    I digress, do these ducklings look similar to the ones you bought?



    This photo was taken a day or two after they came home with me. The others were from last week.
  9. Look a lot like our Khaki Campbell Ducklings!
  10. jdywntr

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Somerville, AL
    KC are dark brown, not black. Are you sure you have campbells? [​IMG]

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