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May 5, 2011
I bought 4 red pullets from tractor supply in ct. What kind of chicken do you think they might be, and how can I tell what they are,there all suposed to be pullets.Please give me some onput!! Thanks......
I am sorry I don't have any pics.Has anyone bought from them and what did they have?
Thank you, I am new to raising chickens So let me ask, What is a red sex links?
I'm probably just as new as you. I know it's a cross between two other breeds and hopefully someone else can chime in who knows more than I do.
Breeders have long discovered that by taking a certain rooster and mating to a certain hen, the chicks hatch in colors that make it readily obvious whether the chicks are roos or pullets. This saves having to vent sex, which is expensive and time consuming.

Typical "sex links" are often called Red sexlinks, which is a Red rooster over a silver gene white hen. or Black sex link which is Red rooster over a Barred Rock, for example.
There are many other "match ups" that work.

A sex link isn't a breed, it is one time hybrid. You cannot continue to breed these "mutts" back to themselves and have it "work" again and again.
To the OP

TSC stated that the pullets could be Red Sex Links, New Hampshire, Rhode Island Red type production red, etc. You can sometimes tell right away, but often one just has to wait and see. In any case, you will get a hatchery bird, a red bird, a bird of pretty good production, but nothing that will be "classic" or "heritage" and rarely, very rarely anything close to show quality.

What you will likely get is a great laying, nice personality, red bird. Not bad at all.
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