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May 7, 2011
Was just at Tractor Supply store today & the clerk told me the chicks are coming in next month already! I'm not ready yet, what do I need for 6 chicks? Do they sell starter kits or can you make your own(& what do you need)? I have a coop and 6 adult hens that I got last spring but don't know thier ages and they are not very friendly so would like to start with some chicks that can be more pets.
First off you need chick supplys. Medicated starter feed, heat lamp, brood box, bedding, water/food dishes... etc
what i do to bond with my chicks is to make sure you play with them/hold them many times a day. Let them sit in your lap and play. They do go through the teenage stage but they will love you by adulthood.
You have done this before, so dont worry everything will turn out fine.
You'll need a small waterer and feeder, chick starter, cardboard boxes large enough for them to move around in and a heat lamp or lamp with a bulb for warmth. I normally put shredded cardboard in the bottom of the box and just set up a new box with shredded cardboard when the first one needs to be cleaned. Off to the trash it goes once the chicks are moved to the new one...easy peasy. You'll know if they need more heat or less by how close they stay to the lamp. All huddled under it a little bit more heat, all as far as they can be from the light you have too much heat.
Go to the Learning Center on this forum and read everything you can. All questions possible are asked and answered and you can learn more there in a hour that you can be several weeks of trial and error. The only thing wrong with error is that it can kill chickens. Play it safe and learn first.
Some of the larger hatcheries sell a chick starter kit which includes a cardboard box, brooder lamp, waterer, feeder, etc. Write down the grocery list of items and go back to TSC and buy all the items on the list for less money. You might be able to get away with not buying a thermometer. The chicks will let you know if they're too hot or cold. I agree with the above post on going to the resource center to quickly learn what you need to do. As for a brooder, the largest Rubbermaid tub you can find at Walmart will more than suffice. You'll have to make a screen though when the chicks start flying in a few weeks. Some of my friends hit the back of the local Wallyworld for their empty watermelon boxes. They make great disposable brooders until the little ones are ready to go outside.
Good luck!
UKBlue1: There is really good information on this website on getting set up and later introducing the youngins to your established flock. Before I got my first girls, I headed to the library and read everything I could get my hands on about chicks. Storey's Guide to Chickens has a really good section on starting chicks... if you don't already have a copy. :) Good Luck!
get a medium plastic storage box for the brooder and of course a heat lamp with spare bulb pine shavings for beding 1chick waterer chick feeder chick starter :never give chicks adult chicken feed for different porpoises: and when when the chicks are six weeks old put a rabbit fence in the coop and put food and water and if you want to a heat lamp and leave them in ther for about a week and then open up the little gate and let them go out you mite wanna keep an eye on them for a little bit and by then the hens should be you st to them
Thanks all, great ideas! Just heard that tractor supply has the heat lamps in. Funny how when I was a kid my grandma always had chicks but I never paid attention to how she took care of them. Maybe I'm trying to bring back some of the good times by getting some chickens, plus really tired of the fast paced life and need a calming hobby! Pets with benifits!
Chickens do have a calming effect.
make sure to line the bottom of your waterer with marbles or I use those flat pepples you get in the fish dept at Wally world...( its cheaper than buying the ones int the flower dept ) that way your new chicks wont accidently drown...I just use a plastic tote and line it with newspaper ( not the slick ones ) then put paper towels over that. I clean it morning and dont need to spend a bundle.
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