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    Jun 14, 2009
    I built myself a chicken tractor a while back, it was a few weeks before my chickens werebig enough to go into the tractor. When i built the dang thing I couldn't come up with a solid idea on how to-what kind-where to attach the wheels. So for a week after I put the chickens in it I used a frieght dolley and a block of wood. Putting the frieght dolley under one end, tilting it back and putting the block of wood in to hold the tractor up. Well this worked no better than what I would say barely. Wood falling out, dolley wheels to narrow, all added up to a pain in the uhhhh never mind.

    I deliberated for days and came up with an idea. Built on it, then modified it as needed. This is what I came up with.

    This is my wheels in the down position:

    Travel position:

    And this is the attachment detail. It is in the travel position. I hope you guys can see the small bolt that acts as a pin to hold the wheels in position:

    All built out of scrap material I had laying around the house. Please nobody make fun of my welding, I am a gorilla welder. My welds are big, ugly, but strong.

    By the way, I learned another lesson concerning my chicken tractor. PUT THE WATER BUCKET ON THE END WITH THE WHEELS! Picking up 3-5 gallons of water in addition to tractor weight just ain't the way to go.
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    Good job. [​IMG]
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    Great job! I am impressed! [​IMG]

    Man, I really wish I had the knowledge and equipment to do any sort of welding. That would be so much fun [​IMG]

  4. twentynine

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    Jun 14, 2009
    Quote:P&C if I can weld anyone can.I am self taught
    You can get a cheap wire feed welder for under $200. A small cracker box A/C welder for virtually nothing. A few rods, face shield, safety glasses. Gloves and a book from thelibrary. You can be welding in minutes virtually nothing
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    Thank for the pictures.[​IMG]

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