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    Apr 22, 2009
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    I posted this in another form and have not been able to get a response. Maybe should have asked here.

    I have built some tractors similar to the Salatin tractor. I have some that I am raising meat birds in. I know for meat birds the comfortable number is about 80. Some are split into 2 and I am keeping weaned rabbits in each side with slatted bottoms and I am putting some nest boxes in a few others.

    I have read that Salatin keeps or used to keep up to 50 birds per tractor for eggs. Does anyone else use this type of tractor for layers?
    If so what kind of numbers are they keeping?
    I have 15 birds currently and going to be ordering another 50+. Currently my birds free range but towards the end of last year I lost 10 birds to hawks an foxes. I don't want to lose them again. And come winter they will all move into my green house to get it ready for spring.
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    Wow. You're going for bigger numbers than I ever did.

    don't know what your summer weather is like, or what kind of shelter you put on a tractor like that, but maybe you could build an attachable bank of nest boxes with its own set of wheels to go with the tractor. Sounds like you've got the knowhow to do it.

    Salatin would be the man to talk to about that. He is totally a hero for this country.
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    I hve on tractor and two hoop houses. I have to say that I prefer the hoop houses, and after reading some articles here I winterized them and have my layers in there for the winter. they have a lot more room, and have done very well this winter (Michigan). My hoop houses are a little larger than normal as I use 3 hog panels making them 12' long. I added wheels due to the extra weight and am able to pull them around without a problem. The only thing I want to add is some type of rubber or something to drape around the bottom to stop predators if it is not perfectly flush to the ground. Otherwise they have worked great for me.

  4. anthonyjames

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Port Washington, WI

    What kind of numbers do you keep in there? And is it 8 x 12 or 10 x 12?

    Can you send me an image? I have been considering hoop houses as well. I am just lucky enough right now to have found 3 ft x 14 ft used sheet metal for $50 for a total of 8 sheets. It would be tough to put these on a hoop house.
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