trade! americana hatching eggs for coachin


8 Years
Nov 17, 2011
bunnell, Florida
I'm going to breed my americauna chickens in a month or so. I'll trade some eggs for an equal ammount of standard coachin or feather legged breed eggs. Preferably pure bred, but I suppose mixed is ok. I live in central florida, so someone in the southern states is prefered. Cheaper postal delivery.

mama dixie

8 Years
Aug 11, 2011
I am in Oregon but I can get you some salmon favorell eggs. I love my salmon faveroles. they are great layers of medium light brown eggs very talkative and very broodie. what color eggs do your girls lay?

I have never sent eggs before so I am learning how to do this. do you clean them first or leave them natural. my favorals want to lay on the floor never in a nest box they hide them to hatch them out...

let me know if you are interested, and please send pictures of your birds...

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