Trade mealworms for soap?


10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
Douglas, GA
I have some mealworms that i would to trade for some soap.. I have 2 ND's that will be kidding soon and wanted to make sure that goat's milk soap will be something that I am interested in making myself.. So... Any takers?

Captain Cluck

10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
Central Florida
I make goats milk soap... I'd be willing to trade for some meal worms - can you include instructions on how to raise them too? or would they have to be shipped... ummm.... Dead/frozen/dried? (I know chooks eat them any way they can get them;))

One thing you will want to do is be super patient mixing the lye with the milk so you don't burn the milk. I freeze the GM I use in my soap and add the lye veeerrrryyy slowly to the milk (I don't use water in my GM soap unless I am using powdered milk instead of fresh)
The slower you add the lye, the paler in color your soap will be, but GMwill always be some shade of tan.

ETA: I am in Florida.
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