TRADE: My used Incubator for your Hatching Eggs!


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May 13, 2010
Hurricane, WV
I've gotten a Reptipro 5000 for Christmas so I'm passing my Little Giant on to someone who could use it more than me. I'm not interested in selling it, I really only want to trade it for some hatching eggs...but if no one wants to trade me then I might sell it so I can just buy some lol. I want to trade even since shipping on the incubator is $12-17 depending on how I ship it because I sold my 2nd LG a few months ago so it's the same price to ship eggs. We'll both be spending about the same on shipping. The LG is $40-45 brand new & this one is used so that gives you an idea of what it's worth (of course a little less than retail). I'm not set on a number of eggs, since you know about what my used incubator is worth you can decide how many of your eggs are worth that much (without shipping).

I'll definitely take any non chicken eggs (duck, turkey, quail, etc) but I'm particularly looking for bantams but I'm interested in anything, just let me know what you've got!

REALLY looking for:
Millie Fluer D'Uccles
Any breed that's Millie Fluer or Crele colored
Japanese bantams
Old English Game Bantams
Any small bantams

Thanks!! Also the incubator is gauranteed to work & if you have a good reputation or feedback I am willing to send my incubator first, then once you recieve the tracking number, you send the eggs...well even if you don't have feedback I'll still work something like that out with you (=
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I have all Large fowl of the following breeds, if interested.
Silver and Split Silver Sussex
Coronation and split coronation
splash marans
black copper marans
blue marans
blue copper marans

if interested can make up a mix. the black coppers are just starting to lay but not quite enough to fill my orders right now. so just a couple available at the moment.
I have purebred Japanese bantams but all my colors mixed together and my birds are nice show birds not hatchery stock. I have straight feathered and frizzle feathered in the same pen together. Colors I have are Barred, Blue, Blue laced, Blue Mottled, Black Mottled, Black Tailed Buff, Black Tailed White, Splash, and Gray. Does your incubator have an auto turner with it? And about what hatch rate do you get with it? You can let me know if you may be interested in some eggs from me.
I also have a pen of purebred mixed color Old English bantams but there not laying very much right now unlike my japanese bantams.
i have oegb lf american game
Actually I some how forgot to put maran eggs on my list because I'm really wanting some of them to. Crfarm, I'm interested in all of your maran colors, how many would you give me for my LG?

Japbantams2011, I just had chicks hatch yesterday from you & I LOVE them!! I was so impressed by the eggs from you, they were packaged great & amazingly I had 100% of them develop! After these chicks I've decided they're one of the 2 breeds I want to raise in my new coop so I'm definitely interested in getting more eggs from you, how many would you be able to trade? Oh & I'm lilmissdixielanddelight on eBay (=

Msh, thank you but Im only looking for bantams...
That's great because the buffs are my favorite! How many seabright eggs can you trade? Also how many silkies & could you do all of one color? Ok one more question lol, would it be possible for me to get half/half?

This is going to be a pretty tough decision, I'm very interested in the Marans, Japanese & Seabrights/Silkies about the same. I think what it's going to end up coming down to is the amount of eggs that will be traded. Also if anyone would rather PM me the details, please do that instead
Thanks for all of the offers, I've chosen which eggs I want to trade for so the incubator is no longer available. Again thank you, all of the offers were appreciated!

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