TRADE: want standard coachin hatching eggs!


8 Years
Nov 17, 2011
bunnell, Florida
I reeeeally wanna get some coachins of the standard variety to breed with my Americanas and other breeds. If anyone lives near Bunnell Florida, I would buy them. But so far I've heard from only one person. And they only have 3 mottled ones.

I would prefer SL, GL, Buff, White, Barred, or red. No crosses preferable. I'll takewhat I can get:)

I would trade four dozen button quail hatching eggs, the majourity of which are from silvers, for two dozen chicken eggs. I think it's fair, since button quail and chickens cost about the same, and I reeeally want some coachins. I have a biiig weakness for fluffy chickens...


Two dozen americauna or RIR eggs for two dozen coachin eggs.

My birds except for about six including my RIR rooster, are Ideal Poultry chicks.

I'll have to buy from the hatchery again if I can't get any coachin eggs.

It'd be cool is someone lived near me and had an extra white or buff roo they'd sell me.

If I can't get ahold of any by mid february, hatchery it is. I kinda would rather have non-steroid birds, since they're always healthier.

Oh, and me email is [email protected] if you want me to send any pictures.

I also have ducks, but theiroffspring will be half pekin. I have 2 crested khaki campbell famales. They should start a layin' again soon.

Ifyou gave your time to read this, thanks!

Hope my spelling isn't too atricious... and this post isn't too long..

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