Trading Graphic Designs for eggs/chickeny supplies?

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Oct 20, 2010
Central FL
I am a part time graphic designer and writer and I thought that maybe some people would be interested in trading some lovely hatching eggs for my services. I can do customized website banners, logos, egg carton labels that you could print yourself - really anything you could think of.

I'm just throwing this out there, not sure if it is an acceptable trade. If it's innapropriate for this board please forgive me!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
I need a shirt that's cute (the graphics, I'll reverse them and iron them on or whatever)

That says

"I sell Farm Fresh Eggs" (in print easy enough to read)

The graphic should show:
olive (um...olive egger type), blue (EE type), brown (RIR type), chocolate (marans type), pink/tinted (GLW/silkie/cornish cross type), speckled Brown (JG type)... all in a basket with a 'post it' note saying "Farm Fresh".

The graphic would be on the back so large, the writing on the front.


I'll pay postage for the eggs and send them but the roo is Ameraucana over the following: (Silkie * RIR), (Silkie * GLW), GLW, RIR, JG, Maran, EE - It might take me as long to find shipping stuff as it might to do the art.

(my eggs w/o any nice Maran eggs yet)

I get 8-13 eggs a day and live in Jacksonville.

-not sure what would be fair, shipping before materials will already be around $15...

Or maybe we could meet up 1/2 way... Palm Coast or something??? There's this great pizza place there:
(my address in jacksonville FL) -> De Bery, FL -> I-95 S
120 mi

Joe's NY Pizza & Pasta
1070 Palm Coast Parkway Northwest, Palm Coast, FL 32137-4725
phone # (386) 445-1650 ‎

(My address in Jacksonville) -> Joe's pizza I-95 S
65.8 mi

Then the Post Office wont shake them up or x-ray them to death!​
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I just dug this thread up, very happy to have a reply in it! I will be PMing you soon, right after I am done with the current project for Paradise Found Farm.

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