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    I already posted in the Everything Else BST - Buy Sell Trade category but just in case someone who is looking to trade birds does not check that section. Here is the link to that post~

    And the info~
    I am looking trade plants for teal ducks mandarins or other waterfowl. I have a collection of 300+ orchids I am thinning out most are named collectors plants some worth quite a bit anywhere between $25-700, I also have hoya, cannas, and various tropical stuff enough of certain plants to do a full on landscaping job.

    and in no particular order

    Euphorbia mammillaris
    Dietes iridioides 'variegata' and the regular color form to
    Davallia fejeensis
    Platycerium bifurcatum
    Platycerium alicore
    Polypodium aureum
    Aeonium haworthii
    Haworthia fasciata
    Agave victoriae reginae
    Crassula muscosa
    Aloe nobilis
    Aeonium 'Zwartkop'
    Crassula Perforata
    Crassula obliqua argentea (varigated) or Crassula ovata f. variegata
    Aloe Maculata
    Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi variegata
    Sedum Morganianum
    Crassula ovata - 'Gollum'
    Kalanchoe daigremontiana
    Euphorbia crassipes
    Schefflera arboricola ‘Variegata’ (un-rooted cuttings)

    and for those interested my old orchid list below. I have not updated this for over a year, some of the plants I now have divisions of others have either disappeared, died, or have been sold

    (Blc. Owen Holmes 'menden hall' am/aos x Blc. Tribute 'Independence Day') (x5)
    Blc. Green Which x Pram (x1)
    Blc. Chunyeah 'tzeng wen' (x1)
    Blc. Mem. Don Herman (x1)
    Bc. Conthia 'L.G.' (x1)
    Blc. (Lc. Tiny Treasure 'ametrine' x Blc. Brysn Canyon 'splendiferous' FCC/AOS) (x3)
    Blc. Ports of Paradise 'emerald Isle' (x1)
    Blc. Chia lin shinsu ..1 AMJOGA (x1)
    Blc. Lawless freischutz (t-3257) x Blc. Goldenzelle lemon chiffon am/aos (x1)
    Blc. Mac Lambert x Lc. Grodskys gold (x1)
    Blc. Mac lambert var. hermano (x1)
    Blc. (Lc. Esbatts clown the big bang x Blc. Ranger six koh-i-noor am/aos) (x1)
    B. aristocrat supreme (x1 good lip)
    (Blc. Love sound dogashima x Lc. Melody fair carol) janurary sunshine (x1)
    Bl. Tomiko woltman (x1)
    Slc. Blc. Jewelers act rubelite x L. ancepts seremissima (x1; 4n)
    Blc. Love sound dogashima hcc/aos x Slc. Aloha jewel tops (x1)
    Brsdm. Flyaway 'Taida' (x1)
    Bulb. Facetum (x3)
    Bulb. Palawanensis (x2)
    Bulb. Jersy (x13 ..815 seedlings)
    Bulb. Stars & Stripes 'svo' HCC/AOS x Bulb. Lobbii 'kathy's gold' AM/AOS (x1)
    Burr. Living Fire 'dark fire' AM/AOS (x1)
    Bulb. Medusae (x1 bright light hot temps lots of water)
    Bl. Digbyana flava x lc. Drum beat
    Blc. Bakersfield centenial
    B. digbyana dark
    Blc. 118 var: 42001
    Blc. ..118 (x3)

    Cym. Paradise wonder 'white dadsn' x Poetic fair 'dolly'
    Cym. Pink passion 'cloud nine' HCC/AOS B/CSA x Cym. solana rose 'charm'
    Cym. Foxy Lady 'Kathlen' HCC/AOS B/CSA x Cym. Karen 'Mokaia Sunset'
    Cymbidium Aloifolium (x1)
    Cirr. Lovely Elizabeth (x3)
    Cirr. Elizabeth Ann 'buckleberry' FCC/AOS x Dorris Dukes '23cm' AQ/AOS (x2 light shade intermediate temps regular watering)
    Cyc. Herrenhusanum 'sunset valley orchids' x Ctsm. Donna Wise 'kathleen' AM/AOS (x4)
    Cyc. Haagii 'sunset valley orchids' HCC/AOS x Cyc. Warscewiczii 'archie' (x1)
    C. Snow Blind (x1)
    Ctna. Dash Of Port 'fine wine' x Ctna. Capri 'lea' AM/AOS
    C. Walkerinter
    C. Alex Capriles (x3)
    C. Landate (x1)
    C. Percivaliana S/A 'suave' x C. Percivaliana Albaescens 'caracas' (x1 Dec flowers)
    C. Deckeri (x1)
    C. Warscewiczii 'leo holguin' FCC/AOS (x1 NFS)
    C. lueddemanniana (x1 Jan- Feb 2-4 flowers; 7inch wide)
    C. Percivaliana 'albescens caracas' (C. percivaliana var. albescens "Caracas" AM/AOS)
    C. Intermedia fiddlesticks
    C. intermedia Crestwood FCC/AOS (X1 NFS)
    C. Percivalliana oro cochano x C. Percivalliana Albaescens caracas
    C. Walkerana x Lc. Janet (1-2 flowers bright light less water can be mounted)
    C. Angel Walker “Encanto” HCC/AOS
    C. Intermedia crestwood FCC x C. Fiddlestickes catmoon (x3)
    C. Gentle moment x Lc. Claytonwayley (pink)
    C. La bamba (x1 large)
    Cirr. Medusae (x1 small)

    Dial. Mizoguchi (Snowflake x l. anceps) (x 2 photo)
    Dialc. Silver Snowflake 'sunset valley orchids x Lc. Angel Heart 'hihmanu' AM/HOS (x1)
    Dtps. Jim 'burgandy smile' HCC/AOS x Amboinensis 'war eagle' (x1)
    Dtps. Lonnie Morris (x1)
    Den. Harriet Nakama (x1)
    Den. Burna Fancy (x1)
    Den. Haleuhi Candy Cane 'baby stripe' x Den. Haleuhi Baby 'L32' (x1)
    Den. Haleahi Butterfly 'ornata' x Den. Eudicumene 'maiajore' (x1)
    Dial. L. ancepts x Diac. Bicornutum=Bisepts
    Den. Emma White

    Enc. Prismatocarpa
    Epi. Kauai Pretty Girl
    Enc. Cochleata (sib)(Marcos x alto) (x1 small)

    Gram. Scriptum Var. Citrinum (x1)

    Hksna. Rest in Peace 'volcano' (x1)

    L. Amonea 'blue magic' HCC/AOS (x1)
    L. amoena Var. pg
    L. anceps x C. Molly Tyler towering beauty (x1 photo)
    L. anceps x c. molly Tyler towering beauty (x1)
    L. anceps sam-bar gloriasa FCC/AOS (x1 $150+)
    L. anceps las brieses
    L. ancepts x B. cuculata (x1 small)
    L. anceps oaxaca Oaxaquena var:nublina (x1) OAXQUEANA
    L. anceps sanderiana
    Lc. Angel heart Ann (x1)
    Lc. Ann gripp (L. speciosa x Lc Peggy Huffman) (x3)
    Lc. Anton defede (x1)
    L. autumnals x C. interglossa (x13)
    Lc. Blue kahili delft beauty AM (L. anceps x Lc. Blue Boy registered by Culver, A. in 1970) (x1 photo)
    Lc. Blue boy x furfuraca (x9)
    Lc. Bob passarat tabby cat (x)
    Lc. Bob passasat (x2 1sml div)
    Lc. Can AAon ana Lav
    Lc. Coastal creation monastery garden
    Lc. Coastal empress starbeck(x1)
    Lc. Coastal Reality 'luck AM/AOS (x1)
    Lc. Corelia 'blulu' x C. Dupreana 'blue shadows'
    Lc. Drum Beat 'h' x Blc. KHA Do Faial 's' ..113 (x3)
    Lc. Esbetig Clown 'the big bang' x Blc. Ranger Six 'Koh-i-Noor' AM/AOS (x1)
    L. edessa
    Lc. Ernestine Garavelli La aurora del navidad (x2)
    Lc. Frederick boyle bertch (x1)
    L. gouldiana nassars var: andrea (x3)
    L. Gouldiana Var. 'andrea' x Ctna. (little dipper 'maiu maid) (x2)
    L. gouldiana x C. Loddigessii highland (seedling)
    L. gouldiana x C. loddigessii highland
    Lc. Hausermans fire wings pegasus (x1)
    Lc. Hawaiian Lovely 'sunset valley orchids' (x1)
    Lc. Hausermant firewings pegasus
    Lc. Hausermans fire wings pegasus (x1)
    L. Intermedia 'coerulea lip' x C. Skinerri 'alba' (x1)
    L. Intermedia 'coerulea lip' x C. Skinerri 'alba' (x1)
    Lc. John tomaske hihimanu (puppy love x Lc. pumila)
    Lc. Janette peetee ..x123 (x2)
    Lc. Koolau Seagulls 'volcano queen' AM/AOS x Ctna. Why not 'super nova' AM/AOS (x1)
    Lc. Koolau seagulls volcano queen AM/AOS x Slc. Rockette red sun (x2)
    Lc. Loveknot (coerulea type)
    Lc. Mini Purple 'coerulea' x Lc. Blue shaddows 'darknest' (x1)
    Lc. Mildred Rives 'orchid glade' (x1)
    L. Purpurata 'schuster' (x1)
    Lc. Puppy Love Ab
    Lc. Pacific sun x L. ancepts
    Lc. Pink Perfume x Bc. Binosa (x2 photo)
    Lc. Ruyu Little Love 'sunset valley ochids' (x1)
    Lc. Tokyo Magic '6-1'
    Lc. Tokyo Magic 'moon beam'
    L. Tenebrosa (x1 )
    Lc. (Lc. Tiny treasure ametrine x C. earl imperialis FCC/AOS)
    Lc. Velvet night x Slc. Mem. Julia batista

    Lc. Love fantasy puppy love x L. purpurata
    Lc. Small taik navidad nieve
    Ludisia Discolor
    Lc. Lula fay ross blue heron (x2)
    Lc. Liptonii snowflake (x1 photo)
    Lc. Mayan princess pink splendor (x1)
    Lctna. Happy face (Lctna. Peggy san x Lc. Maris song) (x1)
    L. purpurata (x1)
    Lc. Mary Elizebeth Bohn royal flair AM/AOS (x1 4bulbs)
    L. pulcheriana v: cat song (x1)
    Lc. Meadow gold summer bury (xbig)
    Lc. Love fantasy sweet dreams (puppy love x Hawaiian fantasy) (x1)
    Lc. Small talk var: navidad nieve (L. bob betts x L. anceps tara)
    Lc. Puppy love x L. purpurata
    Lc. Wrigleyii blue lagoon AM/AOS

    (Slc. JungleBeau 'sunsetvalleyorchids'HCC/AOS x Blc. Lovesound 'Dogashima' HCC/AOS) (x1)
    Sc. Lana Coryell (x1)
    Slc. Jeanne Wilson 'hor' AM/AOS (x1)
    Slc. Ken Dream 'moonlight lady' (x1)
    Slc. Bright Angel 'oc'
    Slc/Blc. jeweler's Art Rubellite x L. Ancepts 'seremissima' (4n) (x1)
    Slc. Wendy's Redstone 'carmela' (x1)

    Zygo. Arthur Elle

    feel free to email me at [email protected] if interested

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