Traditional feeders/waterers


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Jun 2, 2010
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I'm just wondering why everyone goes to the trouble of making their own. Is there something wrong with the ones you can purchase? They're not THAT expensive so it seems like a lot of trouble to go make your own unless it's gaining you something the other ones don't have. What's the benefit of home made ones?


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May 28, 2010
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The personal satisfaction of a job well done...... EGO mostly.

Actually, I think many of the commercially produced items are ok for the most part, but for each individual situation there may be a tweak or two that needs to be made. I know for me it was in the watering. My coop does not sit level and the waterer I bought would over flow. So I purchased Poultry nipples and made a couple of jugs to hang. Others, I am sure, take advantage of what they have on hand.
Many of the items are not TOO expensive, but in today's economy, every penny saved adds up.


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Apr 26, 2010
I made my own waterer for around $5, and it holds about 3 gallons of water. I bought two nipples and put them int the bottom of a bucket i got for free from the local deli. The traditional waterer that held 3 gal. of water was $35, so it was significantly cheaper for me, and mine only took me about 5 min. to make. It is also easier to fill and less messy (water stays clean because it is in a covered bucket).

I made a feeder out of PVC for around $10, and it holds 20lbs or feed or so. It is almost waste free (chickens can't knock the feed out), holds plenty of feed, and is super easy to fill.

For me, it was cheaper, and works better. Plus, it is fun to make little things myself. I got all my ideas from other people on this site.


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Mar 22, 2010
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I did the nipple bucket waterer thing because it is CLEANER as well as being cheaper. No poop in the water and it holds 5 gallons!
I also did the PVC feeder for essentially the same reasons.

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