Traditional New Years meal


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Aug 7, 2011
Piedmont of NC
Is it just a southern thing, or does everyone
have: Collard greens, blackeyed peas, sweet
potatoes, turnips, pork, cornbread.
My mom always boiled ribs to get the broth,
then cooked potatoes and macaroni in the broth.
Make your tongue lick your brain out!
We are having turkey breast, mashed potatoes, and a newbie for us this year: Butternut Squash soup!

Sometimes we have ham, but my mom couldn't find it at the grocery store thise year when she went shopping.
That sounds so yummy! Here in my part of Canada I have never, ever seen a collard in any store. I have never tasted it either!

Ours are homegrown!
Come on down!
Sounds yummy.We have any sort of pork,lamb or beef dish. I made an indian bean dish for myself. To much ham and lamb over the holidays so I need a meat break.

I love collard or kale stir fried with either some hosin sauce or ume paste.
We had prime rib roast and king crab legs, mashed taters, au jus gravy, mushrooms cooked all day long in a wine/garlic/broth sauce, tossed sald with all the fixings
Black eyed peas and cornbread have always been traditional in my family. We aren't from the south though and don't generally do collard greens or ham with them.
The meat at our gathering varies, but you can bet that there will be tomato aspic, pineapple cream cheese jello stuff, and Grandma's baked beans.
We are having blackeyed peas [that is a folk lore for good luck to start the new year], turnips, and ham. I'm not crazy about collards but i do eat them with pepper sauce sprinkled on them.

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