TRAGEDY at Norfolk Botanical Garden's eagle cam

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    There was a tragedy Tuesday when the mother eagle of this nest at Norfolk Botanical Gardens was killed in a collision with a passenger plane. The father showed up later in the day with a big fish to feed the three eaglets and authorities were hoping that perhaps he would be able to continue to feed them on his own. But then a decision was made Wednesday to remove the eaglets from the nest and take them to a wildlife center to raise them and hopefully release them to the wild this summer. They felt that as the eaglets grew that the father may not be able to take care of their growing needs.
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    May 19, 2008
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    So sad... at least they were able to save the babies..
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    I heard about this. They said that it was best that they do this because of the fact that so many people were watching them and they felt that they couldn't let them suffer in front of everyone like that.
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    I feel like I have lost a friend. I loved watching them. [​IMG]
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    Thats so sad to hear [​IMG] My sons teacher had the kids watching the cam throughout the day, since I'm doing a classroom hatch with them, and it was so amazing to see that!!

    At least they were able to save the bebies.
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    So they don't care at all that after losing his mate now the father will lose his children as well.

    Yeah, gotta love all that human consideration. [​IMG]

    Seems to me they ought to have least let the dad have a chance to care for them. If it turned out that he couldn't THEN by all means take them. But until he's proven unfit he should have been given the opportunity. Also, survival wise doesn't it tend to be a lot better for them to learn from their parent than it is for them to be sheltered and learn nothing and then set loose in the world with no training at all? What hope of surviving once released do they have at that point? I hate to think they put these babies survival in second place to human's entertainment.
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    I wish they would have waited it out with the father and eaglets. At such a time they weren't being cared for, would be the time to intervene. It would have been more educational and "natural" to allow the father to carry on.

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    I have to agree with you. Now what will the father do? He lost his mate, now lost the children.. Sometimes its just best to let mother nature do her thing.. Its all is for a reason, and even though the mom was lost.. It didn't mean that the Father couldnt have taken care of the babies.. Sighs*..

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