Tragic story with a little light at the end.


Emu whisperer
Jan 2, 2017
Lake Pleasant, NY
My sister in Law is an acid chicken lover and has silkies, Wyandotte’s, a couple mix breeds and a buff Orpington. October 30, 2018, her house burnt down. She lost two dogs, a cat, and her favorite silkie rooster cause he was in the house healing from an injury. My brother, their 6 year old daughter and my sister in law were ok, thank goodness. 13 chickens made it and are living at my house. I’m hoping I’m not breaking any rules but there is a go fund me page started for them. From one chicken lover to another, I’m hoping they can get back on their feet quick and be reunited with what pets they have left, their chickens. Their go fund me page is the fallowing link:

Thank you! Keep them in your prays....

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