Training a 3 year old lab to love our new baby chicks!?


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I have a 3 year old black lab that is sweet as sugar, but she has always killed racoons, groundhogs, possums, and other rodents that were on our property - and been praised for it. I taught her not to kill bunnies and she doesn't mess with the neighbors chickens, although she is curious and will travel across their property from time to time.

What I am scared of is that she will see my uncle and I (who are her primary caretakers) giving these chicks so much attention and get jealous. I think my best route is to make the dog feel as though the chicks are HER babies because I want her to protect them for the duration of their lives.

What is the best way to go about this?
well, I got my German Shepherd female used to the chickens by just bringing her around them and just teach her that they arn't toys. When she gets a little too happy with one, scold her, when she sniffs one and walks off, praise. Thats what we did with ours, but our GSD was a pup.
How ever you go about doing it, good luck
I used a "Leave It!!" approach with my 3 yr old pit bull. She knows that means she's not allowed to mess with whatever I tell her to leave alone. I don't think she resents the chickens because of it, she joins in and eats scratch with them, and checks on them if she hears a lot of racket going on. All I worry about is chicken decapitation from her vigorously wagging tail!! LOL.

As soon as your babies are grown, they'll want to go scratch and peck, and not want as much of your attention. I wouldn't worry about dog-jealousy, just dog safety around the chickens.
That's exactly how I want my LE Mae to be...when she hears a lot of noise, to go check on them. We have had issues before with stray animals and rodents getting ahold of chickens so I need her to be their protector.

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