training camp in the hen house

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  1. chicken garden lady

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    Jul 5, 2010
    I think it's training camp at my hen house this week. My two year olds are teaching my 23 week olds how to lay eggs. they are so funny. On Thurs. I found a pullet egg on the floor. Whoever laid it (I think maybe the BSL) made a nice nest by moving the straw out of the center, unfornately the tip cracked when it hit the floor, oops. Fri. Marnie (BR) started to make a nest on the floor and got a peck on the head from one of her teachers as if to say, "not here, use the nest box!" After much carrying on by the big girls and lots of nest rearranging by Marnie she went back to eating and Jasmine (EE) started to practice her nesting skills. Again, much carrying on by the big girls as if they were telling her what to do. So fun to watch. NO eggs Fri. This morning I went to check on them mid-morning and found a slightly pinkish brown egg in the nest. Thurs.'s egg was med. brown, no pink tinge, not sure who laid it, I thought maybe the BR. Anyhow, Later on I noticed Jasmine checking out the nest boxes, when I later checked on her she was in with Empress, SLW a 2year. Empress didn't look too amused but together they stayed until finally the egg song! Jasmine laid an egg, I didn't get a good look but I think it is blue or green. When I went back alittle later Empress was still in the nest but now Marnie was in with her. Who knows how it will all turn out but it sure is entertaining.
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    Who ever thought chickens could provide hours of entertainment! I just need to figure out how to keep them laying in the coop not outside (they free range) Walking around in the Fall on an egg hunt!
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    I have four nest boxes and everyone wants to use one. There is always a crossed legged line because it takes Maude two hours to do her thing - there is always a line of eggs up to the nest box and several eggs in it. The dingbat that stands up to lay hers goes after everyone else and then breaks several. It's interesting to watch but no one is teaching anyone anything in my coop except for patience.

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