Transitioning 3 week old chicks away from heat...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by EPChick, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Hello! I'm new here. Raising my first batch of chicks! :jumpyI picked up 4 Ameracaunas and the farmer told us they were 2-3 weeks and advised I keep them at 90degrees or above and very very gradually reduce the heat.

    Well, I did...and they were not having it. We're out in El Paso and the temps have been around 80 so we took them out Monday for about an hour to peck around a bit in the yard. The bathroom thermostat was 85 or so before I went to bed.

    The next morning, we thought they were all dying,:hit they were so lethargic and unhappy and just barely cheeping. I hurried to crank up the heat so it went from mid80s to low 90s, and got them some electrolytes and probiotics because one of them had been having some nasty diarrhea poops (they are on medicated feed).

    Today, they are doing so much better! They are up and about and eating/drinking and just very peppy but idk how long I can keep it that HOT...not to mention they are getting a little flighty and messy for indoors.

    I'm assuming they got chilled, but I'm reading a lot about outdoor chicks not needing such high temps at this age. How do I help them transition? Temps are forecast to be in the 80s and nighttime temps high60s, is that too cool? The coop will be up this weekend and they are already feathering out and flying in and out of the galvanized tub I had for them. I worry a heating pad "hen" in the coop won't be enough since they seem to prefer a lot of heat.
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    They will be absolutely fine. Those temps. are ideal for transitioning them. If you are worried about the nighttime temps. (which I would not be) you can put a germinating mat (seed starting mat) in there with them. My 4 week olds are out in the big coop and temps are in the mid 30's at night here. They all have mostly feathers and also have each other to keep them warm. Mine are thriving and couldn't care less about the temps. Yours will be fine too!

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