Transitoning an outdoor cat to fully indoors

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  1. Kaitie09

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    May 28, 2009
    South Central, PA
    I'm just looking for advice on the best way to to this. I have a 7/8 yr old female cat that has been outdoor since 1yr old. At 5, she got caught in a fox trap. Luckily she escaped but she had to have her paw amputated. Since then, she goes in and out during the winter, but tends to stay out from Spring to Fall.

    The problem now is that she has started to roam for days at a time. I know of at least 1 other house that feeds her, and I believe she also has a second home somewhere. She will go missing for 5-6 days, and come back fine. We constantly worry about her and start posting/looking after 3 days.

    Since she is getting older, she is starting to have some arthritis from hopping on three legs, so we are hoping now to transition her to a fully indoor cat. When she is inside, she is a perfect house cat. However, when she wants out she will cry nonstop and climb the window screens. Will she eventually get over this if we just refuse to let her out? Also, when she is in all she does is lay around on the bed. I'm wondering how to keep her thinner (she hates to play).
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  2. PitterPaws

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    I think if you keep her in Permanently she will get over wanting to go outside. When she starts crying and climbing the windows get her attention away from that, bring out toys or her favorite treat, or what ever will get her mind off of going out.
    It will probably take several weeks or months, but I think eventually she will get over it.
    Good Luck!
  3. Mzyla

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    I second that; in couple of weeks, she should get use to being indoor cat.
    That cat of yours must to be "minority" :)
    because "majority" of cats wants in so desperately!
    I'm pushing my cats out through the window and before I manage to close that window, they are back through the door... or any opening I forget to close.
  4. Kaitie09

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    May 28, 2009
    South Central, PA
    I've got 6 indoor/outdoor cats and for the most part they want out at the crack of dawn. Around 7AM they will start climbing screens and meowing. Now, this is only if it a nice day. If it is snowing or raining then they want no part in being outside. Starting as kittens, we trained them all to come in at night. In the summer, they all line up at the door around 9 PM to come in, winter is at 6.

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    Feb 10, 2012
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    I have 3 pieces of advice. #1 be prepared to not give in when she cries to go out. #2 be very vigilant to prevent escapes #3 if she starts to urinate outside the litter box (a sign of stress) take her to your vet and see about medication. Here in Canada we have "clomicalm" that I have used very, very successfully with many cats for inappropriate urination. I have also used it to help a cat adjust to a move a few times.

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