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    Jul 9, 2013
    Manheim, PA
    What would be the best way to transport mandarin ducks? they would be riding in the van; so no worries of wind. I have wooden poultry crates, plastic dog crates, cardboard boxes. What would you recommend? This is my first time transporting birds. its a 5hour drive as well. I read to give them lettuce in the boxes to nibble at for nourishment?

    Transporting 2 breeding pairs and 8 babies.

    thanks!!! Soon to be mom to some mandarins!!!
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    any of those will work but it your going to use shaving In what ever you decide you might want to consider boxes, when I sold some of my chickens I transported them in heavy duty boxes with windows cut out of both sides then I used some of the plastic hardware cloth and some gorilla tape and made covers for the windows and sliced grapes work well too added to the lettuce. Using the boxes I didn't have shaving all over the place, when I used dog crates in transporting the shaving came out the door. never used poultry crates before.

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