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    Apr 2, 2017
    We have a dozen 6 week chicks that we'll need to transport next week to our new place that is about 45 minutes away. They've been in the brooder in our basement and we'll be moving out to our new home, complete with a coop that we've updated. My question is: what's the best way to transport them? We have two large dog crates we could put them in. We also have a truck and a hatchback car. I feel like putting them in the crates in the back of the truck would be too stressful on them. Any advice? They have gotten so big, I can't just stuff them back into the little chick box we brought them home from the co-op in ;-)
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    Put them in a crate. I wouldn't put the crate in the back of an open pick up. I would probably put them in a car on the back seat to keep them warmer and out of the draft. I would cover the crate to make it darker nd keep them calmer. One crate is probably enough.
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    Ditto Dat^^^

    They may get stressed and pant some fresh air from window or air conditioning might be in order depending on the weather ..sunny, cloudy, temp, etc.

    Might be good to withdraw food at night and move them first thing in the morning to reduce stink from poops.

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