Trapping the Fox family or just killing them.

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by beak, May 1, 2009.

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    We finally figured out what is killing our birds during the day. It's a momma fox. Our birds are confined to quarters and they are mad. The fox came over yesterday and we watched her from the window jump over a 6' fence from a pile of manure that's about 3' from the fence. My wife went to the store a little while later and saw her in an adjoining property soaking up the sun with 5 kits. I was going to bomb the den but it's on someone else's property that has no birds and likes to watch the Fox family.I have 6 outdoor cats that usually come in at night but 4 are barn type cats and hide in the garage so I can't tell if they're in or not. I'm sure if I used a trap they would get caught instead of the fox.

    Any ideas on catching all 6? No chance of sneaking up on her. Every time I go feed the chickens in their coop, they make that grumbling noise. I think they are planning a prison break.
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    that's a tough call since you have someone watching the animals.
    you really can't do anything while the fox is on someone else's property.
    you should probably start with your local animal control officer and see what they have to say. i'm lucky enough to have a cool neighbor. this wouldn't be a problem.
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    well if the neighbor likes watching them and you shoot the vixen its likely the neighbor will feed the kits to keep them from starving.

    You could always ask the neighbor if they would like some chickens, let the vixen wipe them out to feed those kits and maybe just maybe the neighbor would see the light.
    logic says to explain to the neighbor whats happening and see if they will allow you to end the problem. Other than that I would call Game and Wildlife and have them remove her and the kits.
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    Mar 25, 2008
    I'd call the game warden and see if they can't come trap and relocate them.

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