Trauma or disease in Silkie hen?

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    I went out this evening tonight to find my favorite (and one of my last pet) hens. With a swollen right eye with dried crusty fluid on it. The left side is completely normal. Is it infectious Coryza or trauma? She is not gurgling or sneezing. She took 6cc of water and we gave her a shot to Tylan 200. She is about 8 yrs old. I keep about 40 hens in two different groups. None of the others show any signs of illness. Half of them older- between 2-8 years old. The others are new ones I orederd in September. They all free range together during the day and sleep in separate houses at night. We got rid of 7-8 roosters this past weekend, as they were terrorizing the hens. We kept 2- my 8 yr old bantam Cochin and a young NN. Could this be trauma or does it look like Coryza?[​IMG]
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    Testing would be the only way to tell for sure what it is, but it could be coryza or MG if you see other respiratory symptoms. Does she have nasal drainage, coughing or sneezing, rattles or wheezes, or a bad odor? Have you seen any peck marks that could have caused an abscess?

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