Traumatised hen, left alone after fox took my Roo...

laura g

11 Years
Aug 11, 2008

Hello everybody...

I woke up monday morning to find my chickens gone (one bantam roo, one bantam hen only 6 months old) and a pile of fealthers with traces of blood, I thought the worst then got hoem from work and my neighbour found my fiesty hen in her garden followed by 3 foxes completely healthy and unscathed!... She kept her in for me and I retrieved her and kept her in overnight. I have re-secured her coop and locked her in for the day and will probably bring her in tonight.

I don't know what the best thing to so is, she seems ok but she keeps panting and makes a lot of noise when I'm not around she is nervous about eating unless it is from my hand but she seems to be drinking ok in her coop. I hope to get another bird asap to keep her company but I don't know what the best thing to do is... this is the first time I have had chickens...

Any thoughts anyone can share will be much appreciated...


Laura & Roxy the lonely chick


Human Encyclopedia
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Jan 11, 2007
she is probably a bit shocky and the panting would seem to support that so put some electrolytes/vit in her waterer.
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