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Oct 8, 2018
I have learned SO MUCH since these birds got here.

I ordered from Cackle; 15 chicks--three each of five breeds. The breeds are Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Australorp, Delaware, and Speckled Sussex. They sent 20--four each. Everybody was happy & healthy when they arrived, and all seemed to figure out orientation pretty well. One little Sussex failed to thrive and died on the third day.

How are they doing: The Sussexes (Sussuxi?) are small. Weirdly small, compared to their hatch mates. Already clearly the bottom of the order. The Rocks keep the Australorps in line, the Buffs go along to get along. The Delawares--two males & two females. At 8 wks old, they've established who is The Guy, and each hangs with one of the female Dels.

They're roosting pretty reliably--some still on the edge of the poop deck, but they're getting more comfortable, and each night more are on the 2 x 4.

My favorites are the Rocks. There is one who may retire here; although these are livestock to me.

So; review--good job Cackle!

Two days old...


One week old...


Three weeks old...


Four weeks old


Six weeks old.

I will get their eight week pictures today. They're getting so big so fast!

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